cult-style SAISONAUFTAKT 2013 - The final edition

Last update: 2013-01-07 18:00

In 2013 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary edition of our season opening which is open for ALL cars. The event is called ‘The final edition’. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that as per the current status it is going to be our last season opening. Because of this ALL of you are again warmly invited to celebrate the start into the next season.

Here are the most important details:

Saturday - April, 20th 2013
Airfield Rothenburg/Saxony/Germany (Postal Address: Friedensstrasse 105, 02929 Rothenburg)
Open doors starting at 09:00 AM

As far as the highlights of the event are concerned we do not plan to do major changes. Our goal was always to set the focus on YOU and YOUR cars. Please have this in mind and be part of the last edition of our season opening which is done BY enthusiasts and FOR enthusiasts.

cult-style Award:
Again we are going to give ten cult-style awards for the cars which are worth to be awarded in our opinion. For the best three cars there will be a 'Best of cult-style' award in addition to those ten. Moreover, we will give some special prices which are not categorized by us at this stage. Despite of Show&Shine, Retro Cars, German Style, 90s Style, OEM, US, Aircooled, NuWave or Classic Car - everyone is asked to participate and can win a trophy. In any case, some special and own created trophies will be waiting for you.

Quartermile (Test & Tune):
In 2013 we will again cooperate with the Fuel Crew (www.fuel-crew.de). The quartermile will be named 'Test and Tune'. Again there will be just a simple 'small' and a 'big' category (below and above 2liters engine capacity). The best three drivers by time of each class will be awarded. Furthermore, the best reaction time will be honoured which means that everybody has the chance to win an award. As usual you will find a very good track with a professional start and measuring system.

Please take care of the following guidelines for competition:

- compulsory wearing of a helmet (independent of track time and speed)
- NOTE: You have to take care for your helmet by your own!!!
- long clothing
- all tyres in good condition (please take care of weight and speed index - no compact spare tyres allowed!)
- safety belt (standard, equivalent or oversized)
- brakes for all wheels (standard, equivalent or oversized)
- fixed battery (standard, equivalent or oversized)
- batteries inside have to reside in a corresponding box
- no bulk objects inside the car
- seperated engine bay and drivers place
- standard fuel system
- modified fuel systems have to be separated from the drivers place (fire and shock resistant)
- outbound fuel evaporation
- cooling water and oil pipes have to be completely separated from drivers place
- closed body (cars with demounted parts will be disqualified)
- For motorcycles: Only with valid registration, Motorcycle suite (incl. helmet, boots, gloves) necessary

Speed- and time dependent guidelines :

- cars under 12sec / 11,5sec*: roll over bar, four point belt
* only for cars with valid registration, decision will be made for particluar case
- cars under 10sec: roll over cage, four point belt, window mesh
- cars faster than 240km/h: additional break parachute
-> not for standard, original cars (e.g. Porsche) which achieve these fast times/speed ex factory

- General recommendation: Usage of a break parachute and window mesh

Additional notes: All show cars should enter the show area directly after entering the event place. You can use the following map for an overview of the event place:

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